"Making Tracks for Celiacs"

Today was the annual Celiac Walk! We almost always go to our local one but we are pretty sure that they are everywhere! It is definitely a special and fun event so we suggest that every Celiac or gluten-sensitive person should attend one at some point in their lives. Ours had the annual walk and run, raffles, games, and food vendors. We always love trying all of the food and getting to see how much gluten free foods have changed throughout the year. Carraba's sponsored it this year, providing a delicious meal that ALL of us enjoyed. During the fundraiser, our director said something that really spoke to us in her speech. She said that we really enjoy this day because it is a time when our Celiacs don't have to ask, "Can I eat that?", or "Do you understand cross-contamination?". Instead, they can eat anything and everything, living a "normal" life for the day. I think we really understood that and just wanted to share it with you because it is true. Regardless, we just want you to know that there are many others out there that share your struggles, problems, and successes! We are here for you.

#support #fun

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