Your Intestines Had a Hard Time Adjusting But Now Your Heart Is Too :(

Are you feeling left out with your new diet? That's totally okay and normal: it's new. It's only a matter of time before you will adjust and so will your friends and family. It's like anything else: starting a new school, switching hobbies, or inviting over a new friend. At first, it can be hard to deny a treat, or not eat cupcakes at a team celebration. However, eventually you will adjust and while it may still hurt, it will become a fact of your life. The more people you tell, the more you will be able to feel connected and they may even bring you a GF treat! However, if this doesn't happen, sometimes we like to have a celebration at home afterwards. For instance, after a team mom brings gluten cookies to the game, Mom usually treats us to a GF treat at home! So, just keep going on with your life and know that it may be hard, but a GF diet does not have to change everything!

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