Whipping Up Success at School!

As many of you will see/have seen, you probably have to do home economics/FACS as a class in school. Often, GF kids struggle in dealing with the ​​cooking portion of this class. Many just "sit it out" or make foods they cannot eat. However, if possible, we believe that you should learn to make foods you can enjoy, as that is the purpose of this class! So, how does that work? Sara just went through FACS at her school, and we believe that it can actually be fun! Here are some words of advice for whipping up success at your own school

  • Always be sure that your teacher knows all the aspects of eating gluten free/cross-contamination....they would rather be informed than have it be dangerous!

  • Before the class starts cooking, sit down and make a plan with your teacher based on your needs. It may be that the entire class makes gluten free foods or it may be that you get your own set of pots and pans to cook special food.

  • You may need to compromise, such as bringing in your own flour or just not making certain meals.

  • Know that it is okay for kids to find out about your allergy/Celiac Disease/sensitivity (whatever you have): everyone is different.

  • Don't feel embarrassed about the arrangements. Be proud of yourself for being able to stand up for your body!


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