Restaurants are often a struggle for gluten free families. People struggle with finding gluten free restaurants and with handling food/waiters. So, we have put together a section just for this! 

Many restaurants say that they cannot guarantee gluten free. While this does mean that there is a risk, often this is just for precaution and there is never an issue. However, it is up to you and your family to decide your comfort zone!

GF Restaurants:

Going out is really tricky! How do you know when a restaurant can give you what you need? How do you trust them? To help, we have listed some restaurants that we visit and trust a lot. Most have gluten free menus, which make it easy to select a meal, but some you must talk directly to the waiter!

GF Menus:



Cheesecake Factory (items are labeled GF)

King David's

Yum Yum's (an entire GF restaurant!!!)

PF Chang's

Gluten Free Conscious:

Panera Bread

Lincklaen House 

Scotch and Sirloin

Red Robin's

Gluten Free Pizza:

Mark's Pizzera

Stinger's Pizza Pub

Cazenovia Pizza

Pizza Hut


Tips for Restaurants:

Restaurants are hard! Here are some of our personal tips for handling sticky situations:

  • It is always helpful to call ahead to a restaurant and talk with them personally about their GF knowledge and options! Even if their website suggests something, we always call.

  • Always make sure your waiter knows that you are GF. If it is easier, you can simplify Celiac Disease to an allergy-as they both need to be handled without complications!

  • If the waiter or entire restaurant seems inexperienced or unsure, don't risk it. 

  • Sometimes, waiters are gluten free, so it is helpful to ask if they are familiar with your situation.

  • If you see cross-contamination, don't be afraid to let them know and ask them to adjust it.

  • *You would always rather be safe than sorry* (anyone doubt or hesitation can cause problems when you have Celiac Disease or an allergy.)