Our Story:

Hi! Welcome to Going Gluten Free: A Guide for GF Families! We hope our site helps you as you are transitioning to a gluten free lifestyle. The site is based on our experiences, as our family has gone through issues similar to what you are experiencing now. Our story began when one of us was diagnosed with Celiac Disease about 10 years ago. More recently, our dad and other sisters have experimented with a gluten free lifestyle. This simple diagnosis and the change that followed forever shifted the way our family would work. We were forced to come up with new ways to eat, socialize, go out, and spend time together. While gluten free options have gotten better, the food industry is still lacking opportunities for gluten free families. So, we decided to create this website to inspire and guide families who are struggling with celiac disease and gluten free lives. Good luck starting your gluten free adventure!

Meet Us!

Meet Emma and Sara, two sisters dedicated to helping the GF community. Sara was diagnosed with Celiac Disease when she was two and although Emma does not have an issue with gluten, she has seen what Sara went through. Together, they built this website independently, hoping to help others. 

You can always get involved with helping others who are GF! Here we are, at the annual "Making Tracks for Celiacs", to raise money for research for Celiac Disease.

How To Use This Site:

We hope you use this website as a guide. It contains information that we believe is helpful towards anyone living a GF life: from fun recipes to managing social life to explaining cross-contamination. Please know that we are not experts on this topic, but we have experienced all of this firsthand, and hope that it is helpful and accurate. If you have any questions or additions you would like to see, please contact us at the bottom of any page. Enjoy!